Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap was a set of priorities for essential change in mental health that was released in January 2014 by the government.

The approach was to move forward with mental health care with the aim of eliminating prone restraint and pain compliance as a form of managing challenging behaviour.

In order for the nation to move forward with the government it is still vital that our services are embracing these changes through retraining of their staff. The end goal is to have methods like RESPECT used across all health and social care settings everywhere.

With over 20 years of experience campaigning against prone restraint and developing tailored packages of positive behaviour support, RESPECT are at the forefront of professional training delivery and integration in order to close the gap. You can find all the courses we offer on Our Services pages.

We have evidence based research to show that RESPECT is better for service users and staff. We have worked alongside many organisations who have captured the data to demonstrate that our training has dramatically reduced the number of assaults on their staff  – in some areas by up to 90%.

RESPECT training has also been supported by the mental health charity and campaigners against prone restraint, Mind. In November 2011, after a year long independent inquiry, Mind published their first crisis care report Listening to Experience and since then have campaigned in Parliament and published numerous reports that support the fact face down restraint should be banned.

Mind regularly refer to RESPECT training in their independent inquiry Listening to Experience; which also said in their recommendations to the government and the NHS Commissioning Board:

“Fund evaluation of emerging models for reducing restraint such as RESPECT and incorporate findings into national guidance.”

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