Instructor and Instructor Specialised

Name of course:

Instructor/Instructor Specialised Level:– All service areas

Length/duration of course:

Instructor: 5 days. 30 hours average contact time.

Instructor Specialised: 8 days. 48 hours average contact time.

Course outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Work in accordance with the RESPECT philosophy and BILD Code of Practice for trainers to implement a culture of supportive and ethical solutions – a focus on pro-active strategies to minimise or reduce behaviours that challenge.
  • Implement the Service Level Agreement which underpins the partnership between your organisation and Respect
  • Understand what is required in order to be an effective RESPECT instructor
  • Know how to structure and prepare a Respect session up to 2 day Foundation Level
  • Understand the core theory components within the taught Respect curriculum
  • Apply a range of methods to enhance the impact of the RESPECT theory and bring messages to life
  • Gain an overview of the training needs analysis and how this will drive your organisations training programme
  • Understand the requirement for the completion of all paperwork associated with all levels of Respect training
  • Via assessment, demonstrate competency in the full portfolio of Respect physical interventions and release techniques
  • Understand issues relating to reasonable force and the law and be able to communicate this to others
  • Prepare a full lesson plan and deliver an overview of this session (including presentation material and handouts)

Participant profession:

Staff who have completed levels:

  • 2 day Foundation (for 5 day instructor) and
  • 4 day Foundation Plus (for 7 day Instructor Specialised) and who work in a training role.

There is an application process for this level of training.

Target sector:

  • 5 day course – Designed for staff training in low to medium risk residential, day and fieldwork settings – statutory, voluntary and private sector
  • 7 day course – Designed for staff training in medium to high risk residential, day and fieldwork settings – statutory, voluntary and private sector

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